Hooked on Photography by Dennis Hook

Hooked on Photography

by Dennis Hook

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I became a volunteer firefighter and rescue member in 1970 in Prince George’s County at Company 45 and did that for several years. I held several officer positions from fire marshal, sergeant and my last active position was as lieutenant for the station. I did go inactive member as other things where happenning in my life, but "Once a firefighter, always a firefighter."

I went to work at PG County Sheriff's Department as a Deputy Sheriff in 1975.

I got married in 1975 and had a daughter in 1980. As it does happen, in 1985 I got divorced, but in 1987 I met the women of my life and got married in 1988. We are still married and will be that way until we die. In 1990 I got full custody of my daughter and she grew up with us. As she is an adult now and out on her own.

In 2007, I decided to join the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, but in a different role then that of what I have done in the pass at the fire department. With experience in the field as a firefighter and rescue, as well as law enforcement and as a photographer, I decided to use my photography skills to help the volunteer fire departments in my area. I also help by being the "Fire-Police", which helps in traffic control at auto accidents and fire scenes. This also helps the police department to free up their resources to deal with other more serious situation why I help them with the traffic control at an accident scene.

As a member of Huntingtown VFD & RS and my role is to respond to as many fire and rescue calls as possible to take pictures of the members and the situation at the scene. I not only focus on Huntingtown VFD & RS, which is my company that I’m a member, I also cover calls in other areas throughout Calvert County.

I created a website in 2007 which was originally for other photos that I have taken, but with my involvement in the Huntingtown VFD & RS, I have dedicated my website to photos that I take for Huntingtown VFD & RS and all other Calvert County fire and rescue calls that I might be on.

Over time I have written or covered several political event and have written about those matters. Some are opinion articles and some are facts information. With the way things have been for our economy under the President Obama. It was something that had to be done to get as much information out to the public, because the main media was not covering this information.

I have retired as of October 2012 from my Project Manager position. I now focus mostly on the fire department position and just try to enjoy the retirement part. I do freelance photography and photojournalist work on the side.


Contact me at dchookedonphotography@comcast.net